Cable and Satellite

Selling "carriers" is incredibly engaging stuff. It not only requires knowing which way the cultural and the technological pendulum swings at any moment - it also takes knowing how to make the offer scream on a self mailer, a commercial, a landing page or a doorhanger.

Charter Cable

Remote controllers - get ready for a serious thumb sprain.

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Charter Cable DVR :60

He wants his TV shows. She wants hers...

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The Wanted - REdefining New Television

The truth is the real weapon in this redefining news series that follows a Navy SEAL, a Green Beret and a dedicated journalist as they hunt down accused war criminals and terrorists from around the world. Each episode is an eye-opening look at the teamwork it takes to break through the red tape and secrecy that allow these men to live in plain sight in the US and Europe.

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UFC 101: BJ Penn vs Kenny Florian

When the cage rocks, the title can fall. Watch out. UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn will defend his title against his number-one contender, Kenny Florian - and it won't be pretty. Plus, the man with the longest win streak in UFC history, middleweight champion Anderson Silva, will enter the light heavyweight division when he takes on Forrest Griffin.

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Calzaghe vs. Jones: Battle of the Superpowers

Few fights have generated as much buzz as this upcoming superfight between light heavyweights "Super" Joe Calzaghe and "Superman" Roy Jones Jr. Undefeated in 45 fights, Joe Calzaghe is the first fighter to hold both Ring Magazine's middle and light weight heavyweight titles. When they meet at Madison Square Garden, except a ferocious battle.

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Access DIRECTV Magazine

Go behind the velvet rope...

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