Cosmetics and Bioceuticals

I like cosmetic writing whether it's for websites or packaging or naming because it requires new and ever more dramatic verbal imagery to track the smallest sensory detail and make the mind hunger rationally and irrationally for new products.


What If You Could...

1. Get up in the morning with enough energy to climb a mountain...or run to work?
2. Always remember the name of every person you meet?
3. Control your appetite so you could reach your dream weight and stay that way?
4. Retrieve your youthful skin, get rid of acne or dry skin and glow?
5. Sleep like a baby all through the night?

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NARS Duo Eyeshadow

Unexpected and unbelievably flattering. This is the couture color combo chosen for the Prada runways. Glimmering kiwi and taupe: two of the freshest, most up-to-date shades imaginable!

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