Custom Publications

I invent magazines that meet the needs of clients who want a specific and persistent presence. It's also a chance to muse deeply and expansively at high speed. That's fun.

Road Magazine

Table of Contents - Dashboard

Lifestyles of the Privileged Poor
Diary Of A Summer Waitress
Is Marfa The Next Santa Fe?
The Flagstaff Scene

Eminem's Fleet
Smart Hogs
The Car Everybody Wants

Road Tripz
Cruising Crocodile Alley
Making It To Monument Valley

Three Days In The Grasslands
Canyoneering On The Utah-Arizona Border
Whats Up with the Wetlands.

Read More ClientOn Request AssignmentDeveloped custom publication concept for financial company seeking to reach youth market

Flea Magazine

Table of Contents - What's In Flea

Prison Art; the Inside Story
Street Signs:
"Almost Real Rolex: How the Senegalese took over the fake street watch trade

Repair, recycle, re-use:
Battered Picture Frames

What New Eighties Collectable Is Now Emerging In Pawn Shops?

Nairobi: The cheapest way to get there

Read More ClientOn request AssignmentCreate a custom publication concept relevent to the new mass market