Speech Writing

I love speech writing as it requires assurance in the pursuit and the confidence to state a mission. It's always a challenge.

Health Care Initiative Speech Excerpt

There is no serendipity when it comes to introducing new healthcare policy ideas to the public. it takes a long, longterm strategic campaign. it is mission critical to take leadership of the idea in the explaining it to both the public and opinion leaders. This is particularly true in the case of two-tier pricing, a proposed policy which is vital to the future of healthcare.

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24/7 Speech

If there is anything, I think, all of us in this room have learned about modern windows of opportunity in the material world, it is that if you blink you miss them. You miss them opening and closing. Charles Darwin had the luxury of a four-year cruise on the HMS Beagle to come to grips with his extraordinary insights on the nature of gradual evolutionary process and the species.

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