White Papers

The essence of a great white paper is defining both the mission and its implications. In fact, putting words to a thought pattern like a professional politician takes a mix of precise wording with a deep hit of editorial passion. But best of all, white papers introduce and shape ideas that are key to a story of our times.

Expanding and Leveraging Buccaneer Social Media

The public has shown, when it comes to brands, it supports and is influenced by social media. The more focused, cohesive and visible a social media campaign appears, the more likely it is to be perceived as a category leader.

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In the past, our focus has been on the business of developing life-saving medicines

and treatments and explaining their importance to doctors,government officials and other key opinion leaders. However, as AFME governments face increasing budget pressures, the complexity of our business is increasing to incorporate a new priority: building coalitions that appreciate and will lobby for better health care.

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Initiating a meaningful health infrastructure program recommendation: initiate vaccine distribution programs

Both the general public and opinion leaders are in strong agreement that strengthening the healthcare infrastructure though programs such as the distribution of vaccines are critical to improving healthcare in AFME region. Public recognition that improving the infrastructure will improve the overall quality of healthcare more than disease management alone is widespread, particularly in less developed countries. The less developed country, the more important strengthening the infrastructure is perceived to be. Research shows that working with partners to distribute vaccines can enable us to achieve our objective of being recognized as an active participant in the healthcare system -- which is a critical step towards having a greater voice in healthcare policy, particularly in less developed countries.

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The quiet revolution

One of the greatest social upheavals of our times is taking place in Europe without a single march, protest, or even speech. Our country is growing old and our new needs will soon reinvent the world around us.

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